Carpet Yarns

We make Yarns for Bathroom carpets, Area Rugs and Wall to Wall to Carpets ,We Introduced Micro Denier in 100% Acrylic for Bathroom carpets and other innovative yarns Such as Coil Yarns, Acrylic combined with Lurex, Thick and thin amongst many others for this segment , Some of these were introduced for the first time in the world. We are also making Acrylic yarns Suitable for Printing, (Tufted as raw white and then printed) These knotless carpet yarns can be made in any count, ply, denier, with package weight upto 4 Kgs for HB and 6 Kgs for Regular yarn, on 10 “ cones traverse of 250 mm Total cone length 280 mm. (Made on VTS 05 Carpet Twister for Big and even package). We also make Polyester Carpet Yarns on semi worsted system